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For Campus Based Administrators  

On-site fire safety inspections, auditing, and hazard recognition inspections for campus facilities, and making recommendations for correction.


Creation of Emergency Action Plans

Development of a fire safety management plan for your campus.


Work with and provide technical information to those who have the task of creating, running and managing your fire safety program.


Review policy and procedures as it relates to fire safety.


Review campus disaster plans and making recommendations for correction.


Facilitate, organize and run safety meetings.


Reviewing fire incidents and work to reduce false fire alarms.


Design and write a fire safety education program specifically for your facility


Perform quality control as it relates to fire code required testing inspection and maintenance, ensuring that all work completed is being completed to code requirements.


Conduct (effective) fire evacuation drills evaluating student reaction and making (positive) recommendations to educate those who fail to respond to the drill.


Lecturing, and presenting fire safety information.


Provide the resources to address general safety issues, OSHA requirements, laboratory safety, personal protective equipment, required training etc.


For Parents and Future Students


Lecture and educational programs for high school juniors, seniors and their parents.


We will contact the college/university of your choice and find out how fire safe the campus and residence halls

Provide fire safety information for living off campus, in your first apartment.


So, you are moving into a Fraternity or a Sorority house- we can help make sure your experience is a safe one.


What to look for during that college party, or during your spring break trip.


Anything you as a parents or student may need as it relates to fire-safety.



Our Training and Educational Programs

We are committed to providing safe and efficient training for Faculty, Staff, and/or Students. Providing proper training and educational programs is a critical part of maintaining a safe campus environment.

Through our service offerings we have a range of solutions to help clients improve business results through the introduction of integrated safety programs for student and employee well-being.

Our training programs consist of -
1. Fire and Life safety
2. Fire Extinguishers
4. Emergency Planning and Exercises

In most cases we will tailor make and specifically brand any safety related program to meet your needs.

The Great Escape on Campus!

The program is designed to teach students the importance of escape planning and early evacuation in their residence halls, fraternity/sorority house, or off campus housing.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has indorsed the creation and implementation of this very unique training program.
The "Great Escape on Campus" discusses the realities of fire and what students need to know to be prepared for a fire emergency. Using safe smoke, we do a fire simulation within a student housing facility. While we are lecturing to the students about fire prevention and survival techniques, our staff is filling hallways and corridors with safe smoke. We mimic the conditions that would likely exist in a dormitory, residence hall, or Greek housing fire. This program is not designed to surprise or scare students. Instead, our purpose is to demonstrate how quickly one can become lost, disoriented, and confused during a fire emergency in the place they call home. Students enter the smoke filled hallways to find the way out of their home.
This is one program students find fun and exciting. Institutions we have provided the program to have been very happy with the end result. The comments from students have been very favorable. This is a program students enjoy participating in and learning from. We have done this program in residence hall, fraternity houses, academic buildings, and large sports complexes to assist in disaster training for employees.
Ultimately, the program works to reinforce why early evacuation, escape planning, and practice are vital to students' safety, in a "real-world" way to which young adults can relate.

Our President and CEO (Randall L. Hormann) has been a featured lecturer around the country specifically for NFPA and the Campus Fire Forum on multiple occasions. In addition, he has also lectured on the success of the program for the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) annual conference.

We are very interested in bringing the "Great Escape on Campus" to your campus.



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